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Mission and Vision

Our Mission: 

To enrich student lives so they may enrich our community, the Jewish people, and the world. 

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Our Vision: 


A world in which every student has the opportunity to make an enduring commitment to Jewish life, learning, and making the world a better place. 

Santa Barbara Hillel enables students to connect with one another in a Jewish environment at their “Jewish Home Away From Home.”


We offer a safe, welcoming, and pluralistic presence as a vibrant center of student life in Isla Vista. Santa Barbara Hillel is proactive in standing up for our students, building bridges, and fostering a positive campus climate.


We are uniquely positioned to reach students at this formative time in their lives by providing them the tools they need as they create the Jewish future.


Santa Barbara Hillel enables our students to

Engage - Explore - Enrich



Create a fun, meaningful, and safe space to connect with other students in a Jewish environment.

Provide expert staff to nurture, guide and support students through intergroup and interpersonal challenges.

Cultivate and maintain close connections with key officials to foster a positive campus climate.


Create opportunities to explore Jewish cultural, religious, and communal life across the Jewish spectrum.

Foster a living connection with Israel as one key component of Jewish identity.

Serve as a home for student organizations and as an incubator for student-driven initiatives.



Offer meaningful opportunities and programs to develop ethical Jewish leaders.

Bring together diverse groups and individuals to talk, listen, and improve relations.


Leverage community connections to encourage development of students’ leadership potential. Empower students to make the world a better place.


adopted by Board of Trustees December 8, 2014. 

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