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 Internships, Jobs, and Other Opportunities

Work-Study Student Internships and Student Jobs at Santa Barbara Hillel

Kitchen Assistant

Both work-study and direct hire positions available. Seeking Kitchen Assistants – The kitchen assistants will perform the tasks required to prepare meals for our weekly community dinner. The ideal candidate will enjoy cooking and be efficient to help complete cooking in a timely manner. Must have strong organizational, communication and interpersonal skills. The kitchen assistant will receive necessary certification for appropriate handling of food, be trained in safety precautions specific to our kitchen, and be supervised to ensure safety by our Operations Manager.


• Passion for cooking

• Kitchen experience is a plus

• Strong attention to detail and following instructions

• Strong, efficient organizational skills

• Self-starter with initiative

• Creative problem-solver, good judgment

• Able to work on multiple projects simultaneously

• Strong communication and interpersonal skills

• Detail-oriented

• Must be able to lift 25lbs

• Friendly and welcoming personality

We are currently hiring for 1 daytime (Fridays) and 1 evening (Fridays) kitchen assistants. Daytime shift kitchen assistants are scheduled to work Fridays from mid-morning into the afternoon. Evening shift kitchen assistant is scheduled to work Fridays from late-afternoon into the evening. Opportunities to work additional shifts for special events may also be available.

Santa Barbara Hillel has been notified of the opportunities below and we are simply sharing them. All who are interested should complete their own research about these programs.

Outside Organizations/
Summer Opportunities

We currently do not have any listed volunteer opportunities.

Volunteer Opportunities

We currently do not have any listed volunteer opportunities.

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