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Santa Barbara Hillel fosters a living connection with Israel as a key component of Jewish identity. 


Israel Programs

Santa Barbara Hillel hosts a number of Israel related and inspired events. We host speakers in our building and on campus, learn to cook Israeli food, and raise funds for Israeli non-profit organizations, like Save a Child's Heart

Israel Groups on Campus

Santa Barbara Hillel works with a number of Israeli cultural and advocacy groups. We collaborate with Students Supporting Israel, TAMID and Mishelanu, student groups that meet weekly to engage with Israel in a variety of different ways. We also have a number of student interns who work with and on behalf of national organizations including, CAMERAAIPAC, and Stand with Us.

Birthright Israel

Santa Barbara Hillel is proud to send many buses of students on Birthright Israel trips during winter and summer break. For more information about our Birthright Israel program, including how to sign-up, click here.

Upon returning from Israel, students have many opportunities to enrich their connections to Israel and Judaism here in Santa Barbara. We encourage Birthright alumni to join us at all events and we host many bus reunions.

Other Israel Opportunities

Santa Barbara Hillel works to provide information to students who are interested in traveling, studying, or working in Israel. We are able to utilize our network of non-profits who specialize in immersive experiences in Israel to connect students with their ideal opportunity. 

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