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Germany Close Up

Santa Barbara is proud to partner with Germany Close up for a biennial Spring Break trip to Berlin during the UCSB & SBCC March break. Germany Close Up (American Jews Meet Modern Germany) is a youth encounter program for Jewish, North American students.


Our programs aim to give participants the opportunity to experience contemporary Germany firsthand. Each Germany Close Up program provides a framework for participants to experience and explore contemporary Germany. In so doing, it does not try to present one set picture, but rather to expose participants to a variety of elements that make up Germany today.


The programs contain experiences looking at both the past and the present. These experiences explore Germany’s efforts to deal with the memory of the Shoah and the Nazi terror up to the present day. While also focusing on the present consider the changes in German politics and society over the past decades. Each program also looks at the reemergence of Jewish life in Germany and the current growth of the Jewish community.


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