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Amazon Smile Program

By choosing Santa Barbara Hillel  as your charity of choice for retailer rewards programs, you can send “free” gifts to Hillel, above and beyond your personal contributions. 

When you shop using Amazon Smile, Amazon will donate .5% of your purchase amount to support Santa Barbara Hillel. Go to and select “Santa Barbara Hillel“.  This site will look identical to the usual Amazon site, and upon choosing us, you will see our name at the top left of your web page. 

Facebook-  Support Santa Barbara Hillel

Note: You must always access Amazon through the Smile site in order for Santa Barbara Hillel to receive benefits. We recommend bookmarking

Amazon Smile is available on mobile for Android (instructions here) and coming soon to i0s.

Pro-tip: on i0s you can still add to your cart through the amazon app, just check out on the computer to utilize Amazon Smile. 

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